Narcotic Disposal

Once you have discontinued taking the narcotic medication prescribed, you will likely have some leftover pills. It is best to dispose of them. Here is how:

In-Home Disposal Method

You can safely throw away expired or unused medication in the trash but first, you will have to prepare the medication so that it will be in a safer form. These instructions apply to both pills and liquids:

  • Remove the medication from its original container.
  • Mix the drugs with something that would make them unappealing to people or pets who may go through the trash. You can use kitty litter or used coffee grounds.
  • Next, place the medication in a plastic bag with a seal or in a container with a lid. The goal is to make sure that the medication does not spill out of its packaging. You can also use tape to secure the bag or container further.
  • Use a black marker to scratch out all personal information on the original prescription container before discarding it or remove the label altogether. Before placing the container in the trash, check to see if it has a recycling code on the bottom. If it does and your city’s or town’s recycling program accepts this type of container, place it in your recycling bin.
  • DO NOT flush medications down the toilet!

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Safe Disposal of Medications

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